Love Story Tabs & Lyrics by NOFX

Love Story

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Album : Heavy Petting Zoo punk PlayStop


Date: Fri, 02 Aug 1996 16:44:50 -0300
From: Mary Agnes Corbett
Subject: Tab: Love Story by NOFX

Artist: NOFX
Song: Love Story
Album: Heavy Petting Zoo
Transcribed By: Jeremy Sells, Henry Fletcher, Jose Lourenco, Scott Meyer

We saw a transcription for Love Story on OLGA and it's wrong.
This version is right.

Intro (palm muted bar chords)


F - C - D
F - C - Bb
F - C - G - Bb - C (drum fill)

*First Verse

Partly owned tudor house

F C Bb
Wooden white picket fence

F C G Bb C
Mother waits for father in a backless dress

Hardly used a diaphragm

F C Bb
Put back into it's case

F C G Bb F
A one-way trip down memory lane and she awaits

(strum and pick bar chords)

I don't wanna know

Cheat Me

I don't wanna know

(drum fill)

*Chords are same as first verse,

Children play in the yard
Mother stares at a wall
Father says he's gonna be back late so don't wait up

'Bout a quarter to three
Father stares at a wall
Stained thicker than water, who's gonna clean it up?

*Chorus is the same, but the drum part changes to a fast roll after the
second "I don't wanna know" and the song launches into a punk tempo.

*The words to the second verse are repeated as the third verse in punk

(end chorus, still at punk beat)

C# F
I don't wanna know, cheat me

C# F
I don't wanna know, cheat me

C# F
I don't wanna know, cheat me

C# F
I don't wanna know, cheat me........

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