Mountain Top Tabs & Lyrics by Daniel Johnston

Mountain Top

guitar tabs lyrics

Daniel Johnston

Album : Fear YourselfPlayStop

Mountain Top - Daniel Johnston
Tabbed by: Colin

Tuning: Standard

Great song off the Fear Yourself album. The chord progression is really simple,
it just reverses every two lines. Enjoy.

G C Am D
On top of a mountain top I stood and thought one day
G C Am D
I really could see a lot and if I had my way
D Am C G
A lazy young sod, I was so deep in love those days
D Am C G
As if there was nothing left, but only love I crave
G C Am D
And so I didn't know as much, her loving touch amazed
G C Am D
I was so gone with love the alphabet was a haze
D Am C G
So alone as she pulls away the funeral truck, I cried
D Am C G
I watched the clouds dissapear like a lost christmas that day
G C Am D
And now I can't seem to cope but only hope it be okay
G C Am D
If I could just see her again and we could be friends like way back when
D Am C D
It's as if I'm already dead and in my grave I lay
D Am C D
If only her love could save me now, and if somehow she'd stay...

| / slide up
| \ slide down
| h hammer-on
| p pull-off
| ~ vibrato
| + harmonic
| x Mute note

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