Gamble Calypso Lyrics & Tabs by Mau Mau

Gamble Calypso

guitar chords lyrics

Mau Mau

Album : Safari Beach (Tucasa Micasa)PlayStop

Push the button
start the game
3 bananas match a dream

You’re my queena
slot machine
love & fortune…... the night is for you
Come to town
as one of thousands
left señora watch TV
My religion is spinning numbers
life’s just a coin
fallin’ in a hole
Stick da fingers
on computer
work all week

Stick da fingers
on computer
work all week
for rising cash
All my hope is
jump the bungle
bring my pillow
and run away
Me wel i nyu kalypso
moni a mal me me o
slot machine yanga yanga
mama yanga mama*
Playing hours
slow orgasmus
dolc vita for a week
Doin’ pacha eat spaghetti
go to Venice
drinkin’ all drinks
Movin’ sinchro
like a spider
my extensions
shake in tune
You’re my queena
slot machina
every looser
will sing this song

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