Sugar Free Jazz Tabs & Lyrics by Soul Coughing

Sugar Free Jazz

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Soul Coughing

Album : Ruby Vroom albums i own PlayStop

Date: Tue, 09 Jan 96 23:24:23 -0800
From: dave madden
Subject: "Sugar Free Jazz" by Soul Coughing

this song is mainly two little "riffs" played over and over

riff a:


that riff starts the song and is played a bunch of times until he says
"clean and clear as sugar free jazz" and then riff b starts

riff b:



riff a
..paleolithic eon

riff a
put the fake goatee on

riff a
and its clean and clear as

riff a
sugar free jazz

riff b
schools he bombs he bombs

riff b schools he bombs he bombs

so the whole song is that plus some bird noises and other things. soul
coughing isnt one for chords.

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