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Van Halen

Album : For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge hard rock PlayStop

From: Paul D
Subject: TAB: "Spanked" by Van Halen

Here's yet another addition to my collection of hard-as-hell Van Halen tabs.
But this one is probably the easiest of the bunch. The interesting thing
about this song is that the main riff is played on a special six-string
bass/guitar. The bass/guitar is an instrument that Ernie Ball/Music Man
makes (as far as I know, they're the only ones who make em') that is
supposedly "the guitar for bassists, and the bass for guitarists". It's
BASS-ically (ha, ha) a guitar with open strings that are tuned an octave

down from normal guitars. The strings are the same (E-A-D-G-B-E), but
they're an octave lower. It's a pretty cool idea, I wish I had 1200 bucks
to spend on one. Anyway, apparently Van Halen's producer (whose name
escapes me at the moment) brought this thing into the studio one day and
Eddie decided to plug it into his 5150 stack and liked the sound it got so
they decided to use it for the ominous verse and chorus riffs to "Spanked".
For live performances, Eddie uses a hybrid double-neck with his signature
guitar on top, and this bass/guitar on the bottom. I'm not entirely sure
how they arrange the parts between him and Michael Anthony when they play
live, but here's the album version of "Spanked" from For Unlawful Carnal
Some notes on my tab: b = bend a little bit :)
bf = bend full
br = bend and release back to pitch
pm = palm mute until the end of the "..."
h = hammer-on
p = pull-off

by Van Halen
tab by Paul D.

First, there's this nifty intro utilizing the infamous "E-Bow" (nice little
$70 electronic guitar gadget). The E-Bow part is tabbed in between the
brackets (>> to


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