Salt Water Taffy (Slo Jam) Lyrics & Tabs by Boogiemonsters

Salt Water Taffy (Slo Jam)

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Album : Riders of the Storm: The Underwater Album hip-hop PlayStop

[Chorus (4x):]
Let me rip into a slow jam*
[Verse 1: ~Mondo~]

I wasn't always cool
I used to freestyle on my BMX bicycle
And just like any brother Michael Jackson was my hero
Bet the boogie got you bangin'
Oh you was the one to diss?
Well now your grand pops be slangin'
Honeydips in the Walkman, walkin' feelin' fine
Three dreadlocks, baggy slacks, the whole nine
It's the unconditional, type of slang we must display
Bouncin' off?
Until your stomach come to me
While freeze tag was in session

Bouncin' off?
Until your stomach come to me
While freeze tag was in session
I was on the mic
While your brother wore his doo rag
I was on the mic
If there was a show goin' on at night
I was on the mic
Whenever Jane call my name
I wasn't on the mic
But I was damn near close
And spiritually you felt me
You should have felt the vibe and yo the way the joint held me
Was the bomb, now I'm cheesin', I'm pleasin' the crowd
Piecin' up my puzzle got my horse in the muzzle
Taste the honey now you bounce with it
You're reduced to sweat
Your ears are locked tight I might explode from the threat
Boogiemonsters in your area
Or Mondo in your dome
Your sister bought the single now there's Boogie in your home
[Chorus] [x8]
Let me rip into a slow jam
[Verse Two] [Vex]
I'm comin' for your mind
I'm comin' with the rhyme
Oblivious to pain
Oblivious to time
The sun won't shine till the moon goes down
I move it in the cycle of the universe astound
Get the pound and pull a little for the brothers off the path
Keep on studying the spirit and smilin' through the wrath
We gotta send a shout to our peeps across the land
Chewin' Salt Water Taffy, snappin' with the dance
Say, "Ohhla ohhla ohhla"
(Ohhla ohhla ohhla)
Hot damn, let me rip into a slow jam
Man, Boogiemonsters on a route
My mellow, my man Mondo McCann help me out
Comin' through you like water
In my physical form, I ought ta
Tie my Tims and grip my nuts but then it'll be a slaughter
You can't front on the Salt Water Taffy
Kick you to your dentures
It's the adventures of the Daffy
In this ocean modulation I have the big lips
Chocolate simulation that stimulates your hips
Avoid the pit falls
Enjoy all that life has to offer
And realize the only piece of mind is in the water
(Dip dive)
We movin' through the battle like a spear
There's a natural mist floatin' through the air
The master of the rear so what you want stylist?
I give you that ole' uptown funk (AYO!) in the mix
[Chorus] [x4]
Let me rip into a slow jam
[Verse Three] [Vex]
Well it's the caramel kid and I'm ready to get spunk
On that, a one two, a one two like Biz Mark
Or DMX yes this is Vex rippin' on the 45
Slippin' down to 33 cause maybe it be soundin' live
And speakers turn to dust
I'm leavin' sets in ashes
When I hear the dusty record will the static in the gashes
I am what I am cause I can't be nothin' else
I be Coolin with my J though I guess I +Rock The Bells+
My psychedelic chat call me Saul
If you want butter never front and I still be comin' off
So pour it on the track, from the crates and I get Daffy
Chewin' up sweet music like it's Salt Water Taffy
[Chorus] [x8]
Let me rip into a slow jam

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