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Album : Chainsaw Dismemberment death metal PlayStop

From Chainsaw Dismemberment

This is my first ever tab go easy on me! I wanted some Mortician bass tab for a while but couldn't find any, so being bored today i've had a go at my favourite! Doubt if it's totally right (but this is Mortician so just tune it down as far as your bass and amp can take it and who'll care?! Anyway, it's close enough to play along!)

All on the low string as follows;

Bass Intro (REALLY not sure bout this 1 and it may contine behind the main riff on guitar. It's just too low to hear!)

Main Riff
0-002\1-02\1-02\1-0000 ("Urrggh")

2nd Riff
(0--3--2--1----3--2--1----*3----1000 (* Repeat from "Infected..." thru till "...acid death")

Main Riff from "frothed - deathrage" till "Rabid bloodshed"

2nd Riff from "Massacred..." till "Rabid death"


All done! I also reckon that if you use the notes in this and turn them into power chords you can play this on guitar. (1=F5 2=F#5 etc or whatever the relevant tuning is and Palm mute the open notes in the main riff!)


Infected, rabid flesh
Revenge for, acid death

Frothed - Deathrage
Tortured - Fleshcrave
Hippie crazed cult
Rabid bloodshed

Chopped and hacked
Mass bloodshed
Rabid death

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Go get brutal!!!

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