Oh Say Can You See Chords & Lyrics by Lana Del Rey

Oh Say Can You See

guitar chords lyrics

Lana Del Rey

Album : Lana Del Ray a.k.a. Lizzy Grant indie pop PlayStop

G F#m [ch]B#m[/ch]- Am
Oh say can you see my stars
G F#m [ch]B#m[/ch]- Am
The night time is almost ours
G F#m [ch]B#m[/ch] Em
To wander through Hayley's and look at the bars
[ch]B#m[/ch] Am Em
Nighttime is almost ours

[same progression]

The headlights from passing cars
They illuminate my face then they've made the dark
The voice of Nirvana says "come as you are"
And I will
The nighttime is almost ours

A sway of the hips and arms
We'll cradle you from afar
They swing till you tire and send it alarms
Nighttime is almost ours

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