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Kit (What's the Scoop)

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Slick Rick

Album : The Great Adventures of Slick Rick hip hop PlayStop

Kit, where you goin'?
Sorry, Michael, it's Rick the ruler
I have to go

Lights, camera, action, you're on
Get old Ricky D, what's wrong? The crowd's gone
So help me out kit 'cause this thief has to be caught
Radio the chief of police, get a report, Chief of Police said
"Well, I'm sorry Ricky D 'cause I really can't help"
Drats I think, I'll take a long walk
Kit put your scan on all these rappers in New York
But Michael's callin' me Rick, I got to go, if I get a word
You'll definitely be the first to know, well, on that night
I felt really up tight, hello, Rick, it's Vance Wright
Throw on your clothes, I found 'em, they're down town
Word, someones havin' a concert and they're using your crown

I felt really up tight, hello, Rick, it's Vance Wright
Throw on your clothes, I found 'em, they're down town
Word, someones havin' a concert and they're using your crown
What? You sure it's mine? Yo Rick, I know the shape of it
You know your scratchers? Yeah, plus I got tape of it
Get over my house quick, ride your motorcycle
Kit, Ricky Rick, pick up, forget old Michael
Well, here came the DJ, trick to say the least
Yo, let me hear the tape, it's a complete masterpiece
Y'all figure this kinda is but this I bound to overtake
I heard a honk honk, that's kit, so let's pray
Here go my rap kit, analyze a hit
So kit what's the scoop?
Slick Rick, this one is it
Well, my tummy was growlin' while ice chillin' in my seat
We stopped by Mac Donald's so I could somethin' to eat
Skipped the line, the crowd started to break
Hey yo, let me get a big mac and a strawberry shake
Someone snatched me by my neck I thought I must be dead
Injected me with somethin', threw a bag over my head
I felt real weak, word, I couldn't even stand
I fell, next thing ice being thrust inside a van
Unconscious, who could be this shady?
When I awoke I was in a room with this lady
So you're the boss, Rick Rick with all the clout
Know why I'm I tied up and what's this all about?
And this she left the room this was my one chance for hope
I used my watch lighter to burn away the rope
Then is free, is free, an alarm was alerted
I made a flying leap through the window and it hurt
Someone threw a knife, who could be this trife
Then I ran and I ran cause is petro for my life
Stranded and raw I saw a phone not far
I radioed in to my supadelic car
Yo, what's with the concert, am I still in it to win it?
Yes, I'm in Manhattan and I'll be there in a minute
And oh, by the way, I re-listened to your hit, hey Rick
What's the scoop? Oh man, this one is it
Tight tight security, man, there was a [unverified]
Came in with some candles and bum rushed the office
Grabbed up the one who liked to front and pretend
No, I don't know who it is, some brother lookin' like a hen
Let me go, let me go, please, you must be dusted
Hand cuffed this brother 'cause the thief could not be trusted
Grabbed up my money and my crown that's how I dissed 'em
I went on the mike, and DJ, man, I'm on the system
I warmed up the techniques to show he ain't soft
The crowd was up and this is how it started off
Who, who, who is the top choice of them all?
Yo Vance, cut, thanks a lot, who wanna die?
We up top, somewhat, forget me not, class that I have wont last
Soon as I blast from out the past, dash fast and hear a last
Vance wright, no man can bring you this
And Ricky Rick, clean shot 'cause I'm the king of this

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