Kicked In Tabs & Lyrics by Superchunk

Kicked In

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Album : Foolish indie rock PlayStop

Superchunk - Kicked In
tabbed by Eddie K

tune down to dgcfad just everything a step down

also have a foote capo if not take a capo and put it on backward of the gcf strings so
raised a step (put capo backwards on 2nd fret)

verse: "i wish.."

000450 e
400450 Ab
500450 a
0 9 x 11 0 0 f#
0 11 x 13 0 0 ab

lower case ab is the high one upper is the lower one
the 2 00's in the middle are now actually 2's because of the capo

chorus: "kicked in.."

c# - x4x600
c - x3x500
b - x24400

e Ab a

F# Ab

a Ab e
kicked in...

c# c
folded, found and kept alive
b c#

c b

c# c

b c#

c b

c# c b c# 2x

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