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Album : Forever dream pop PlayStop

From: Mike Dare
Subject: CRD: "Jewel" by CRANES
Date: 10 Aug 1995 11:33:53 -0500

Cranes: "Jewel" from the album Forever
Transcription by Mike Dare

The song is tuned down 1/2 step to Eb.

Verse: Open(000000), Em(022000), Open, Em,
Open, G(320003), Gsus2(320013), G

Open, Em Open, Em
If I could keep this moment, here

Open, G Gsus2 G
Without letting it get away.

Chorus: Open, Am(002210), Open, Am
G, Em
Open, Am, G, F#(244322)

Open, Am Open, Am G Em
Put me high on a wall, let's not fall, let's not fall

Open, Am Open, Am G F#
Sweet dream, I remember it all, I remember it all

Bridge: C(032010), Am
C, Am, Open, G

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