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Green Typewriters

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The Olivia Tremor Control

Album : Music From The Unrealized Film Script: Dusk At Cubist Castle neo-psychedelia PlayStop

Million ribbons and floating stars
The night sky fades
Perception is an ocean

Your days are like eternity
Hey, it's been so long
I'm out on the lawn
Watching a hundred typewriters soaked
In green paint
When you wake me up in a world of blue
And the stars are sinking low
And the sunshine is in view
The stillness of a sunday
And life seems like a cathedral
Sidewalks slowly crack

The stillness of a sunday
And life seems like a cathedral
Sidewalks slowly crack
Memories of downtown fade
The stillness of a sunday
The exchange of conversation
We are now confused
But we cannot go back in time
Wake up
Feeling like you want to be down
Well, don't be
There's a time for everything
Just look around
I don't want to die inside anymore
I don't want to hear that song anymore
Wake up
It's what the world should do and look around
Slow down
There's time for everything
Just look around
What i need is space
And lots of it
Tons and tons of rooms
And lots of them
I'll paint them green and red
And thirty six colors to custom mix
A collection of rugs with tons of tiny tassles
Sharp lines decorative designs
A place to harmonize away from conventional life
A place to radiate
A place to be just me
Return again and again to the giant day inside of my head
Tons and tons of ideas that never take off
It causes the untime
It's all on a different level
And there's so many
The stages are set
Everything is ready
Let the future come
Let the future linger on
How much longer can i wait?
When you're ready to come back down
I'll be waiting here
All your friends will be around
I promise i'll wait forever

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