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Extreme Conditions

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Album : Hammer of God thrash metal PlayStop

Extreme conditions demand extreme responses
We'll not die, we will stand on high

Prayful warfare, leaves us reigning
Extreme conditions, blasting fury.
[Verse 1]
Under the hideous spell,
masses are tormented
Under the fate of death,
heathen are burning
seek the way of Life,
Christians are forgiven
He died to save us,
bringing us to Heaven
[Chorus repeat]

He died to save us,
bringing us to Heaven
[Chorus repeat]
[Verse 2]
The gates open wide,
millions truding forth
satan rises laughing,
taking the young ones
Close the gates in your life,
look to the Master
see the blood dripping,
salvation through the cross
Revived, Forever, Glorious, Eternal.
[Chorus repeat]
[Verse 3]
As you smash the evil,
grab hold the Endless Flame
Holy Spirit burning,
inside your Soul unchained
Feel the Preace and Power,
flowing through your blood
There's no fear of death,
satan has been crushed
[Bridge repeat]
[Chorus repeat]

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