Even the Water Reeks Lyrics & Tabs by Skeletal Earth

Even the Water Reeks

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Skeletal Earth

Album : Eulogy for a Dying Fetus metal PlayStop

I don't understand how people can piss their future away, short term profit can't compensate for global suicide
Maybe if they'd wake up and smell the volatile coffee, maybe we would stand a chance with life as we know it
I walk along the shore and try not to step on any rotten corpses of dead fish that litter the beach - first victims of our chemical forces

I can't look away, this carnage, this atrocity
Bring on the waves of death
Fall bearers of the toxic tide
I dare not swim, the dioxidized water will shred my skin
And the oil spills
Hazardous to health
We dump and dump and dump like kids with worn out toys
There's not a way out and we don't give a fuck
Oceans of cruelty
Reigns supreme
Putrid growth starts to climb
Vile orgasm

Reigns supreme
Putrid growth starts to climb
Vile orgasm
Even the water reeks
Call it careless, call it ignorance
Put it in the sky, liquidate shit
It reeks

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