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The Olivia Tremor Control

Album : Music From the Unrealized Film Script, Dusk at Cubist Castle indie pop PlayStop

Courtyard by Olivia Tremor Control (from Dusk at Cubist Castle)
Tabbed by James Hiller ([email protected] with questions or corrections)

This is a fun song for its use of dominant 7th chords and the progression is just brilliant.

Key: G (if you want to play with the record I believe it's std tuning, tuned down about

Chords Used: G, G7, G7sus4, A, A7, A7sus4, C, C7, C7sus4, Em, D/D7

I. Intro (2 runs) + la, la, la, de da (notes: A B G A G)….

G, G7, G7sus4, A, A7, A7sus4, C, C7, C7sus4

II. Verses

G A A7 C C7
here's your ticket, you better be-lieve (better believe it's true)?

G A A7 C C7
long live the life we led at 2-10 (two one ooh that's you)?

G A A7 C C7
we're on a journey so you'd better run?

G A A7 C C7
try to get to your train on time

II. Chorus

Em A7 Em
i'm always going back (ahhh)

Em A7 Em
always going back to (ahhh)

Em A7 D
always going back to where you are

(ahhh) A7 Em
down in the courtyard (ahh)

Em A7 Em
is where you'll find me (ahh)

going back to where you are

III. Bridge (maybe really just a post chorus)

...G.... C Em A7
and there's nothing …(ahh)… that i can tell you?

C D7
that you don't already know

C D7 G?…..that you don't …..already know

Verse 2
i might get away from these 4 walls?(i might fly away)?i might escape from what's
me?(i might run away)?here in apple town is where i called you?here is where i called you for advice

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