Seed to a Tree Tabs & Lyrics by Blind Melon

Seed to a Tree

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Blind Melon

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Seed To a tree

F5 G5 Bflat5 Bfsus2 Csus2 Gm7 D7
133xxx 355xxx x133xx 013311 030010 353333 xx0212

Bflat Gsus4 A7
x13331 3x0013 x02020

Play this to start off the song:
F5 G5 F5 G5 F5 G5 Bflat5 G5
I guess you should listen to the song, then play it to
get the rhythm down.

As I shit, I sit and wonder why
My floor is so cold and my back broken tired
But life is good, even though it won't be long
With a candle comes emotions that
Dance with the shadows on my wall
What were you thoughts, as they
Were flying through your mind
Compared to what you feel from
The bars your now behind
If they could speak, what do you think
They would say to you?
I do believe you’d been better
Off if you’d just told the truth


Bfsus2 Csus2 F5 G5
Never had a problem ‘till I stood face to face with me

Bfsus2 Csus2 F5
And I wish there was a way for me to go inside so I could see

G5 Bfsus2 Csus2 F5 G5
All the faces of the people who have torn a piece from me

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