Money, Marbles & Chalk Lyrics & Tabs by Red Sovine

Money, Marbles & Chalk

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Red Sovine

Album : (The Late Great Red Sovine) Teddy Bear country PlayStop

Now there's an old saying that's been all around I heard it before I could walk
How some's got health and some's got wealth others money marbles and chalk
I got money marbles and chalk sweetheart but I still feel like I am poor

Cause my money won't spend and my marbles won't roll
And my chalk won't ride anymore
While you were near me I was happy and gay your presence made me feel so proud
But you left me for another for another one day now I feel alone in a crowd
I got money marbles and chalk...
The money marbles and chalk is all right to misers who love only gold
But give me a chance to save our romance for I love you with all of my soul
I got money marbles and chalk...

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