All I Need Lyrics & Tabs by Bruno Mars

All I Need

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Bruno Mars

Album : CompilationPlayStop

Sugar, coco and honey (Hey y'all Bruno Mars) That's why you taste like to me And all I need is to sex to wash it down Ooh come here girl right now I'm a British boy so I do British things Like nibble on your earlobe but let your body sing You're my violin and I'm a string With every breath you take I won't let it sting So let me in open your doors What yours is mine, what mine is yours Where's your pussy give me your paws And I won't mind if it's you going through my drawers Keep it clean 'cause we're getting in a mess Baby girl yeah you're better in the flesh I heard from your friends that I'm better than your ex And if I'm real then I'm better than your next Banofee pie you my sweet tart That's one of the reasons that you're my sweetheart So when I meet are we beat fast Why don't we just take it slow

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